ATS Recruitment prides itself on building excellent relationships with its candidates by having a complete technical understanding of our market place. Our core values mean that are staff are trained to be less sales focused than stereotypical recruitment consultants and more customer focused. Unlike many other agencies, we proactively work with each and every candidate to try and find them a role that is tailor made to their skills and experience. We operate in a wholly professional yet non-pushy manner whereby we would never try to make a candidate go for a role that they are not 100% comfortable with.

ATS Recruitment always aims to provide as much information as possible to our candidates, as early as possible; such as a job description, salary/rate information and link to the employer’s website. We feel that this allows candidates to make an informed decision whether the company and the role is right for them from the outset and therefore avoids unnecessarily wasting anybody’s time.

We will always endeavour to get comprehensive feedback from clients and will let you know what the outcome of an interview is, whether it be positive, negative or indifferent. We also offer other services to candidates such as help with CV writing and interview tips and techniques. Our aim is to help our candidates make the right career choices, as ultimately there is nothing for us to gain by trying to put candidates into roles they’re not completely happy with.

We work with our clients on permanent roles as well as fixed term contracts and temporary assignments. Please feel free to browse our current vacancies on this website. If you are thinking of a career move, or just want a friendly, no obligation talk with one of our consultants, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of the team at ATS Recruitment.

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