Which UK region has the highest demand for key jobs?

London is still the place that demands the most job candidates with the capital having a need for skills that sits a whopping 30% higher than the national average.

According to new research from, who looked at job demand across the UK in the key sectors listed by the Visa Bureau, London is the centre that demands the most candidates.

It is closely followed by the North West of England which has a skills demand 25.69% above the national average.

Perhaps surprisingly, Wales comes third with a skills need 11.7% above the national average.

When broken down by specific jobs, it is the English capital which tops the list when it comes to candidate demand for software vacancies, Directors, CEOs, graphic designers as well as chefs and cooks.

The North West comes out on top in demand for welding jobs, nurses, mechanical engineers and social workers.

With a recorded population of 8.7million, it is unsurprising that London has a surfeit of vacancies for crucial or high-paying sectors.

England’s principal city has a demand for financial sector candidates that is 55.1% above the national average, whilst demand for Directors and CEOs is 53.1% above the national average.

These figures tally with recent comments from Matt Weston, Managing Director of Robert Half UK, who recently re-iterated that the UK is in a “war for talent.”

He said: “Businesses need to consider how they can attract, retain and develop the talent they need for their future success. Business leaders must ensure that employees are offered these opportunities, or they will look for pastures new.”

If candidates are armed with the knowledge about where in the UK they could go to get a better deal, many might do what Weston has predicted.

Furthermore, with April’s ONS figures revealing that the number of people in work, in the UK, reached a record high of 32.2million people, the fight to fill these vacancies could be even more ‘war-like’.

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