Drain & Sewer Specialist - Draincare

Drain and sewer specialists Draincare Ltd (formerly Draincare Services Ltd) and North-West-based Underground Vision (UK) Ltd, who are both part of the European Vandervalk+Degroot Group, have rebranded to expand their businesses across the UK as “Draincare”.

This will further enhance their nationwide organisation with an increased UK coverage for their Clients, and an improved range of services from all depots.

Draincare is an industry leader in cleaning, inspection and renovation of sewers and other wet infrastructures.

Part of the Vandervalk+Degroot Group, which is one of Europe’s most respected companies in this field for more than 50 years, they carry out projects for Utility Companies, Facilities Management, Local Government, Businesses, and Private Individuals. The company's core principles are quality and safety. Their core values are people and technology.

Draincare Ltd operate throughout England and Wales from a network of depots, and they undertake all aspects of drain and sewer cleaning, maintenance and rehabilitation.

The company's slogan is ‘Underground Innovators’ – This emphasizes their desire to always improve and push boundaries to excel in the underground drainage marketplace and expand their ‘No Dig’ – technologies.


People and Technology

The high quality that defines Draincare's approach is underpinned by two key pillars: people and technology. The Vandervalk+Degroot Group has its own training institute with accredited training programmes that cover subjects such as safety and technology.

Draincare's crews are assisted in this by industry leading, cutting edge equipment and technology, which include fully equipped ultramodern vehicles, high-tech robotic cameras, high-precision measuring systems and powerful laser equipment.


24 hours / 365 days

Draincare has a 7 day, 24 hour operating service throughout the year. They guarantee a High Quality service with a customer focus approach, applying services that exceed their customer’s expectations. Draincare's emergency response units maintain a customer-focused approach that manages the whole process, from first call to sign off – hassle-free with first time resolution.


Services and innovations

Draincare specialises in the cleaning and maintenance of sewers, wet wells, tanks, culverts and internal drainage systems. These services are provided to private domestic customers, commercial and industrial clients, as well as local authorities, housing associations, utility companies and others. They also develop and manufacture the equipment used in these activities.

Working in the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Belgium, Draincare has considerable experience in all aspects of drainage maintenance. Innovation is rooted in the DNA of the total Vandervalk+Degroot Group, which develops and builds much of its own equipment, drawing on five decades of knowledge and experience. Devising innovative solutions that make it possible to carry out the most complicated tasks safely and effectively.

With the knowledge and expertise of the Group they are able to offer new innovations to the UK including Laser Sonar Boat CCTV Surveys and Ultra High Pressure Water Cutting, along with their usual services of:

  • Blockage Clearance
  • Sewer Cleaning
  • Tankering
  • Land & Sewer Mapping
  • First Time Resolution Units
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Plumbing
  • Excavations
  • Patch Lining & Full Length Lining
  • Recycler Combination Tankering & Jetting Units


New Technologies

Laser Sonar

HD Survey of the Esholt Tunnel – The Esholt tunnel was previously un-surveyed due to its length (4.5km between access points) and diameter of 3m, but the World Record survey was accomplished giving CCTV footage with laser profile survey of the pipework about the water line, and Sonar profile survey of below the water line to enable their Client to assess remedial works for the first time since it was built in 1940. Just to complete a CCTV survey of the sewer was an achievement in itself, but to also get the laser-sonar data and then stitch this together to create a 3D scan of the sewer is a first of its kind and the next level of reportable data.


Ultra-High Pressure Water Cutting

This has been trialled with several Clients to show the cutting power of our fully hydraulic water cutter that works at up to 2000 bar, 26000 PSI and can cut through Metal, Concrete, Debris, Intrusions and thick root ingress.



If you employ Draincare's services, you will find the company to be a competent business partner who take sewers seriously. To find out more, contact one of their UK offices to arrange a no-obligation introductory meeting –