Barn find – 80 year old Vacuum Tanker

Tanker Service Solutions Ltd the specialist Vacuum Tanker Repair company located in West Yorkshire, have just taken on an interesting project, it came to their attention that a Vintage vacuum tanker had been found in a barn and was needing a little TLC?
After their MD visited the site in rural Lincolnshire to view the vehicle which had just been removed from over 30 years storage in the barn, it was decided that this vehicle could not be left to decay and should be preserved, so the vehicle was brought back to their site for further investigation and then preservation
The vehicle was originally built by Dennis Brothers Ltd in Guildford for the Highways Department of Grantham Corporation and despite it been nearly 70 years old the cab door still bears their name. In the 1960’s the already old vehicle had been bought by Purle Waste Ltd for use in the Glass Bulb Ltd Factory in Harworth just South of Doncaster. Later Purle Waste removed it from the factory because of constant fuel thefts, sadly something all operators still face today, the only difference been in those days the fuel was petrol.
The vehicle then spent many years parked in the yard of Purle Waste in their Newark depot. Till it was purchased by one of Purle’s engineers as a restoration project, this restoration never took place and at one time the tanker was used as a sort of “Wendy House” for his grandchildren, and even up to a few days ago the vehicle still contains straw bedding the children had used, more than 30 years ago.
Evaluation of the vehicle has already commenced and as a testament to the quality of the original workmanship, the original tank has stood the test of time and requires no structural repairs and despite its age passed an Ultrasonic thickness test. The vacuum pump which is also nearly 80 years old has already been rebuilt using “new old stock” items.
Tanker Service Solutions Ltd would appreciate any help that the Drain Trader readers can give, information of period photographs of this type of vehicle would help with the restoration and can be contacted via their website – the company do of course offer a full refurbishment programme for all vacuum tankers whatever their age!