French delay Hinkley decision for five more months

The French Government has delayed taking the final investment decision in Hinkley Point power station yet again.


EDF will now make a final investment decision on the £18bn Hinkley Point nuclear station project in September, France’s economy minister Emmanuel Macron told French journalist today.

The decision is a major blow after Macron had previously set May as the deadline for a decision and EDF energy chief Vincent de Rivaz assured MPs on the energy select committee the final sign-off would take place in early May.

Under the current timetable, Hinkley Point C is supposed to become operational in 2025 but that is looking more of a challenge as the start date is pushed back.

EDF has also faced opposition from French trade union officials who say the project threatens the company’s financial stability.

On Friday the French power company announced plans to raise €4bn to make it possible to proceed with its strategic investment programme – including Hinkley Point C.

This would involve consultations with unions pushing the decision back to September, it said in a statement today.