Candidate Feedback

ATS Director Sean McGhee received some feedback from a candidate who was happy with how he prepared her for her interview, she was that impressed she ask a favour from Sean and asked him to give some advice to her son who had recently been made redundant and was due to attend an interview (not through ATS). Sean took time out of his day to speak with him and he got the job. Well done. Its always nice being recognised for your efforts. See the emails below. 

From: ***************
Sent: 24 May 2017 11:32
To: Sean McGhee <>
Subject: a favor

Hi Sean

Thank you for your much-valued support and advise - please can I beg a favour and be cheeky?

My son has been given some bad news - today he’s gone to work and home already.  The company he worked for have gone into administration

He is at a low but already has an interview for next Thursday for a good job as a Sales Advisor

Your interview advise is so good but coming from 'Mom' he would not listen to me.

Could you drop him a call - saying you've got his CV as he knows I have sent it to you and he may open up to you and take on board your advice which will help his confidence.

Thank you



From: ***************

Sent: 25 May 2017 10:31

To: Sean McGhee <>

Subject: He Got the Job 

Thank you so much Sean 

My son was offered the job there and then after a 40 minute interview the Owner of the company said right I think we are done here – My son thought oh no that does not sound good.  The owner then said I would like to offer you the job - once they shook hands they talked then for over an hour about cars! 

He starts on Monday 5th June 

Again, thank you for your support. My son told me that you called him and he thought you were amazing. 

Kind Regards